Behind the Music

Cultural exchange gives rise to curiosity about law – the penfriend project.

The journey towards the penfriend project – crimes – presumption of innocence – evidence – police forces – support from the people.

Mumu talks to her band of learners about the law and democracy.

A visit to the courts – Lady Justice – wigs and gowns – the snail in the ginger beer – women and the law.

The courts experience – evidence – the museum in a historical barracks – the futility of war.

The Great Irish Famine – the Corn Laws – famine ships – the poetry of Yeats – planning the penfriend project.

Young people and the law – diversionary programmes – rehabilitation and restorative justice – keeping people out of the courts and out of prison

Pleading a case – mitigation – crimes against property and crimes against the person – protecting one’s good name – types of courts – appealing a court’s decision.

The background to the European Union – misuse of social media – data protection – widening access to justice – the office of ombudsman – human rights.

Breaking the mould - calls for change – dress code modernised – alternative dispute resolution processes (ADRs) – mediation and reconciliation – the orange grove.

The processes of mediation and arbitration – legal aid – law reform.

Data protection – social media and politics – the Nobel Prize – the voices of poets in sharing wisdom.

In search of a fair deal – the reasonable view – the man on the Clapham omnibus – anti-bullying protections.

Different courts – Latin the language of learning – the importance of listening and language – saying no to bullying and harassment.